Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year, Same Me

In true Alaskan tradition, I'm taking a red eye out of Anchorage on New Year's Eve.

Just kidding, we have a real airport, with real jets and everything.

But it's still the only airport I've ever been to that's busy at 11:45 pm on NYE.

So instead of stumbling around downtown Anchorage in a short, strapless dress better suited for LA, teetering on ice in 4 inch heels, and drinking my face off, I'm people watching and thinking about last year and next.

I had two resolutions last year - (1) end the year lighter than I started it, and (2) run a 5k.

(1) I did this, although barely.  At my lightest, I was 18 pounds lighter than I was on January 1, 2012.  I've gained a little since then, but I'm still smaller than I was last year.

(2) I actually ran 2 - the Race for the Arts in August, and the Davis Turkey Trot in November.  

My 2013 resolutions are pretty similar: (1) end the year lighter than I started it, and (2) run a 10k.

I know people use the New Year to turn over a new leaf, so to speak, but I don't really want to do that. The truth is, I'm pretty happy with the progress I made last year.  And I want to keep it going, but I don't foresee any major changes to my habits or routines over the next 12 months.

At this point, I'm more focused on fitness than I am on weight loss.  I'm still tracking and going to meetings, and I'd love to get to goal, but I enjoy feeling comfortable in my own skin, and I think fitness has more to do with that than pounds for me.  That's why I'm not putting a number on my weight loss goal, but I am putting a number on my running.

So anyway, Happy New Year!

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