Monday, December 10, 2012

Meal Planning Monday

Matt and I have a routine.  On Sundays we go to the Farmers' Market and Trader Joe's.  We come up with a menu, and Matt gets the rest of what he needs from the store on Mondays.

Routine is really helpful for weight loss.  If I can plan ahead, I can make sure I have food that's going to fill me up, but will still be within my points for the day.  

But this week, our routine is more or less shot.  We're moving in a little over a week (a blog post on that shortly, I promise) and our apartment is in boxes.

Boxes may make these guys happy, but they do not help with routines.

So the menu planning this week is a little, shall we say, loose.  But we did make an effort to make it to the Farmers' Market.  So our menu this week will be some combination of the following:

Cutie Oranges

My goal this week is to not let moving derail  my weight loss journey.  I may be a little more relaxed with points, but moving is not an excuse to eat all the things.  I can still eat sensibly, listen to my hunger signals, and make my good health guidelines.  I can still go to the gym or take a walk.  I don't have to eat fast food every night, and when I do eat fast food, I can order a sensible dinner.

There, I said it.  Now I just have to do it.

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