Sunday, March 10, 2013

Burning Through Calories

This week I...


Stretch and Strength Day: BodyWeb by Trx class.

My gym's website says:

Hang from the durable TRX system ropes to push, pull, lift and lower your body through Spiderman moves for a total body suspension workout that also super-strengthens your core.
"Spiderman moves"?  It sounds hokey, but it kicked my butt, so I'll be going back next week.


Run 3 miles

Yeah, I look like that.  But faster.


Was going to be cross training, but turned into some light yoga at home before bed.


Run 3 Miles, then Stretch and Strength
Yoga Body Sculpt

Like that, except without the sunset.  Instead, image a room full of people instead of solitude on a hillside.  And, let's be honest, it's me, so imagine it without the gracefulness.  But other than that, my yoga class was exactly like this picture.


Normally a rest day, but since I skipped my cross-training on Wednesday and I got out of work a few hours early, Matt and I decided to celebrate the early arrival of spring with a nice bike ride.


Another cross-training day.  Also a beautiful day to be outside.  Ivy pulling it is!  And before you say, "that's not a workout Liz!" tell that to my sore shoulders, because I was EXHAUSTED after 3 hours of pulling plants.


Long run: 4 miles

Considering I live about 1.25 miles from the American River Parkway, it'd be pretty dumb to not take advantage of this trail for my long training runs.  I don't mind using the treadmill during the week, but it doesn't even compare to running outside on a river in the spring.

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